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started by: reinkefj

Posted by reinkefj on Sep. 12 2005,14:27
I just read a leaked report about what it will take to run the next release of Windoze. Basically a new machine!

I have some experience in retrofitting new Microsoft Operating Systems to old hardware. When msft said it couldn't be done, I put nt on some old thinkpads and draged them around the company demoinstrating some of the unique challenges that NT would present them with. I already have a "garage datacenter" of old hardware running various versions of olddoze. For time to time, colleagues need to play there.

IMHO this new 'doze version will lead to a miniboomlet of people trying to extend the life of their hardware investment. I want to be ready for that. Hence I've bought a cd and am goign to try it on one of the old lame in the garage. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions. Maybe I can even provide a few answers. I can be reached here or at < http://public.2idi.com/=reinkefj >

Thanks for reading this,

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Sep. 12 2005,15:03
I really like the part that says you need 256mb of ram accessible to the video card to use the new gui. Most computers don't even have 256mb of ram.

/me lols @ M$

Posted by AwPhuch on Sep. 13 2005,01:04
Just one more tab on the reason to run from M$!

Guess I will bite the bullet and go ahead and completely migrate from M$ to a linux desktop..I have always been afraid to "take the plunge" due to some ignorant compatibility issues (backing up DVD's (cause my kids have litteraly scratched all 60 of mine to where none play without the skippage) using DVDShrink)

PM me if you know of something compatible..or a workaround please!!!

Linux or BUST!!!


Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Sep. 13 2005,01:13
Hey AwPhuch, I read the other day on the WINE site that DVDShrink is now 100% operational under the latest WINE.  But I haven't actually tried WINE in quite some time, so I can't tell you anything from first-hand experience.
I need to get the Macromedia MX2004 suite running, that's the major killer for me.  One of the things I absolutely need.  (well, at least Flash).

Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 13 2005,01:45
< Wine HQ "Top Ten" App Database >

Looks like dvdshrink is a 'top ten' app !


Posted by l0st on Sep. 13 2005,04:51
In other news, Windows Vista will sport SEVEN different editions!
Posted by adssse on Sep. 13 2005,14:48
I use both linux and windows, but windows is such a hog. It is insane the amount of resources it requires. People shouldnt have to buy new hardware just to run a new os.
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