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started by: jshaw

Posted by jshaw on Sep. 20 2005,02:10
News, reactions, worries?  I live inside a Cat 4/5 flood zone, and I'm hopin' it doesn't come this way, but it looks like it's going to.  I know there's some of y'all here just west of me in Houston, are any of you evacuating?


Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 20 2005,02:48
I live in Brenham,TX, about 75mi NW of Houston,
so no worries here but the usual winds, trees, power outages, etc..  

Let it rain, please..

But I've been working in Houston for the last 20 yrs. at a multimedia facility.
It is much closer to the coast than home is.  ( SW Houston )

Also, much friends and family in Houston and surrounding areas..
Most all of them , since we were all born & raised round' here' ..
( Baytown, Pasadena, Dayton/Liberty, West Houston..all low lying areas. )

So, my house could become Camp ke4nt, in the event of a real disaster.


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Sep. 20 2005,03:38
rain! Rain! RAIN!!

Our pond is over 4 1/2 feet low. It's literally a rapidly shrinking puddle now.

Area lakes are just as bad off. Maybe worse.

Haven't had a decent rain here since February or March.

Quote (John Wayne @ McLintock)
First year, they had it easy. Good summer, easy winter. The next year, the last rain was in February! By June, even the jackrabbits had sense enough to get off the Mesa Verde!

Well, I don't live in the Mesa Verde. They've had more rain than we have this year.

Bring on the RAIN!

Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Sep. 20 2005,14:29
I would love some rain just to cool it down.  We are nearing October and it's still getting close to 100F!  

They were saying on NPR that if N'awlins gets more than 9 inches of rain or swells reach over 3 foot (they are estimating the storm to bring 9 foot swells) then then all the billions of dollars of work they have done so far would be gone and the city would be more flooded than before.  Effed up.

Wow, it looks like everyone that posted so far is from Texas.  ke4nt1 email some Blue Bell.  I like milk chocolate.

Posted by noordinaryspider on Sep. 23 2005,03:05
Well, here's (finally) a post from someone who is not a Texan, has never been a Texan, and does not even play a Texan on TV. I'm just your friend and I'm concerned about you. Please stay safe and check back in when you get a chance.
Posted by faroutscience on Sep. 23 2005,14:40
Hi everyone,

I live in Crosby, about 38 miles northeast of Houston.

It is about 0930 local. I just rode my bicycle through our neighborhood. It looks pretty secure. We are on the high side of Harris County. If it continues on its forecast track, we will probably loose power and my DSL line. Cell phones and the land line system have been saturated with many network busy signals for two days. No gas is available and no cash from the ATMs. The banks are closed. Even WalMart closed!

I have a couple of amateur radios on standby, though no HF antennas (Deed restricted neighborhood!)

73, de Jeff WD4ET

Posted by Max on Sep. 23 2005,17:50
I'm out on the west side of Lake Conroe (NW Houston).  Plotted the storm track relative to here and we're smack dab in the middle of the 55-74mph sustained wind band.  Shouldn't be too bad, just alot of wind and rain.  I'm from south Louisiana, so this is about my 10th hurricane.

Sounds like we have quite a few DSL'ers in the area, we should all get together some time....after we dry out....

Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 23 2005,21:41
So far, it looks like we will miss the dirty side of the storm here in Brenham.

I was in Dayton all day yesterday helping with hurricane preparations.
It took me less than 2 hrs to get there, but over 6 hours to get home,
due to the traffic from the mass evacuation from the coastal areas.

Good thing, since it looks like the center of the storm will pass quite close to there..

I have my wife, kids, and grandkids here.. We are all well stocked, and safe.

The ham radio has been quiet so far, but I expect that to change as the
reports of rescues come in , and the weather reports are relayed thru
the amateur radio networks..

I can be found on 145. 390 MHz.  locally.
I may fire up the HF and monitor the 40/80 meter bands.

There used to be a very good 2M repeater in Dayton several years ago.
Would be handy to have now..    I suppose the NW repeater is in range.


Posted by faroutscience on Sep. 23 2005,22:08
A get together with coffee would be great after Rita passes.

1645 CDT - Light rain, overcast, ~ 25 mph swirling winds - Crosby, TX 38 miles NE of Houston.

I'll be listening on the ARES net 443.825.

73, Jeff WD4ET
K2 SN # 155

Posted by faroutscience on Sep. 24 2005,00:21
It is now about 1920 CDT - The ground is now getting wet rain isn't heavy, wind is now blowing at 35+ mph, no particular direction. Power and lights still on, obviously.


Posted by noordinaryspider on Sep. 24 2005,23:06
Thanks, everyone. :D

Stay safe.

Posted by jshaw on Sep. 25 2005,03:49
Hey guys,

Everyone safe?  I haven't heard much about my home near Beaumont, but from what I understand so far it's thrashed pretty good.  Hope everyone can get their lives back in order soon.


Posted by Max on Sep. 25 2005,23:09
We survived with "only a fleshwound" up in Lake Conroe.  A few trees down here and there was about it.
Posted by faroutscience on Sep. 26 2005,01:59
I have had power restored for about an hour. It is 2052 CDT.

No significant damage in my small community NE of Houston. Power was out for just about 2 days.

Problem now is lack of gasoline and supplies. The local stations have been out of gasoline since Friday afternoon, same for the teller machines.  We had water continuoulsly for duration though pressure was reduced today. With the power restored, the pressure is back up.

With power restored, I expect the supply and bank problem to begin restoring itself on Monday. The local news says gasoline supply should begin easing as well.

In the future, I will be sure to have a small generator, water, a small propane powered cook stove, canned goods, LED flashlights, battery powered radios, and lots of batteries.

It sure is nice to have my computer back.

I am piecing together a Mini-ITX system. Many of the parts are enroute. I hope they arrive soon so I can begin building my minimalist DSL system.


Posted by AwPhuch on Oct. 13 2005,17:28
I jumped out of the fryingpan into the fire...

Ran from Baytown (30 Miles east of Houston) to Lufkin (eye of the storm) 22hr drive where normally it was only HELL!

My house in Baytown never even lost power, few limbs, some leaves no damage at all!!!

ARRRGH!!! Was in lufkin watching 4 foot thick trees swaying around in the wind and I heard the freight train sound of a tornado...JOY!

Wont be doing that again


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