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Topic: Questions about the (famnless) BareBones mini-itxI
started by: hedgehogmeister

Posted by hedgehogmeister on Mar. 11 2006,00:47
I am trying to get the fanless BareBones mini-itx for my birthday, but I need to get a few things cleared up before I go and buy all of the stuff from the DSL store. My friend and I have been planning an "ultra compact, low power workstation" for several months, and after a dilemma with an external HDD nearly dying, the VoomPC case's shock-insulated 2.5" drive bays looked very attractive. However, I did like the Bargain BareBones, but with its design, I noticed the lack of a 2.5" drive bay, and that it may not fit into the VoomPC enclousure. So, my questions to you are this:

1) Can the BareBones' motherboard (with fanless heatsink) fit into the VoomPC case wth the 2.5" bays unblocked and the rubber on top of the heatsink mating with the top of the interior of the VoomPC enclousure; or will a 2.5" laptop HDD fit inside the BareBones' case without bolting the HDD directly to the case?

2) If I do put the BareBones' motherboard inside the VoomPC enclourure, will I be able to drill a hole in the front so that I may
put the power button on the front; or would I need to route it around the back somehow?

Thanks in advance for your support, DSL is a great distro, and I hope that it continues its work so that when my current computer becomes obsolete, I can put DSL on it.

EDIT: Oops, I misspelled some words in the title  :p

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