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Topic: USB to LAN
started by: fuzzybud

Posted by fuzzybud on Mar. 12 2006,21:10
Finally my DSM is online with a USB to LAN device. The normal LAN only transmitted and didn't receive. That is the way it came out of the package. Things like that happen with electronics so I don't blame anyone for this small glitch. Other than that the DSM works fine. I ordered and yesterday received a D-Link DUB-E100. I just now got online and had to tell others who might have a problem like mine that there is an easy solution

The 512 MB embeddisk came with dsl 2.0. I installed 2.2b and now that I am online I will install 2.3rc1 to see how it works too. It is so nice to site next to a computer that makes no noise and still do most of what I want from a computer. Being a dist ro junkie for almost three years I find it interesting that of them all I have the warmest feeling for dsl.

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