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started by: mogen317

Posted by mogen317 on Mar. 21 2006,21:21
i want to build a fanless and completely silent computer to run dsl off a usb on.  to keep it simple i want to use an all-in-one motherboard/processor combo with built in video/sound/lan.  i don't have any size constrants so before i decide on a via mini itx board, are there any other fanless motherboard/processor combos out there?
Posted by doobit on Mar. 21 2006,21:45
Yes, there are the EBX models, also by VIA, and the Geode based mini all-in-one boards by AMD. Mini-ITX is an official form factor, so several manufacturers have made motherboards of that size. Normally, to be fanless, they have to have a monster heat sink, or be slower than 800MHZ.
Here is the one I built:
< >

Posted by AwPhuch on Mar. 21 2006,23:39
Man those Geode mini-itx look freeking sweet!

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Posted by Kemoauc2 on April 13 2006,10:36
My setup for a mp3 box: iBase IB720, VIA-Cyrix 500MHz with big fanless heatsink, 32MB SDRAM, USB sound device, car audio power amp alltogether in an industrial enclosure.
DSL boots from 64MB CF.
The CDROM is connected externally, because the whole device is hidden behind a sheet of wood in the kitchen.
Currently I'm dealing with the display and the remote controller.

Robert / Kemoauc2

Posted by humpty on April 15 2006,00:50
you can also pick up some cheap 'thin client' terminals.
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