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Topic: Serial Wheelmouse with scrollwheel
started by: Diogenes

Posted by Diogenes on Mar. 26 2006,19:24

Could anybody please tell me how I can have the use of the mousewheel of my serial mouse?



Posted by piccolo on Mar. 26 2006,20:11
Have you tried to execute
If not, you can read: < >

Posted by Diogenes on Mar. 26 2006,21:57
Hi Piccolo,

Yes I read it and I selected the COM1 option. Then I chose the 2 mouse  buttons option and later on 3 mouse buttons option, since I'm not sure if the scrollwheel counts as a button or not, but neither setup worked.

The mouse has 1 button that functions.

Greetings, Diogenes

Posted by piccolo on Mar. 26 2006,23:19
Hi Diogenes
Surely anyone had the same problem
You can search on this forum, for example keywords: mouse AND serial.
This is result:
< >
Also remember: If you ran from bash will not take your changes until restart X. If so, exit X (ALT+CTR+BACKSPACE) and type "startx" to start the server.
I hope is help

Posted by Diogenes on Mar. 27 2006,14:54

I tried it all, but it doesn't work: I can right click and left click, but there's no scroll wheel.

I only see "2" or "3" button mouse in the setup menu, but nowhere I'm asked if there's a scroll wheel.

So no scroll wheel for me yet.....

Greets, Diogenes

Posted by piccolo on Mar. 27 2006,16:25
Diogenes must not surrender, an wheelmouse working in DSL not is impossible. Please read this post: < >
Posted by safesys on Mar. 27 2006,16:39
If you plan on using XFree86 you can try adding a directive in the XF86Config-4 file in the InputDevice section for the mouse of:

Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"

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