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started by: Mule

Posted by Mule on April 04 2006,03:04
DSL user for 2 days. Love it. Minimalism defined. It's my new distribution. These guys deserve real kudos.

The Damn Small Machine is also very impressive, especially with no moving parts, low power consumption and that CF IDE drive is very awesome.

My problem is that I always use my computer in bed, on the couch, in the garden, on the move -- I don't want to be tied to a plug and I'm always recharging my batteries. My computer OUGHT to be like a novel in that I can carry it around, use it as much as I want, leave it on - lying on the furniture, come back to it later and it hasn't run out of batteries!

I'd love to see a Damn Small Laptop with these characteristics:

* 800 x 600 LCD (minimum)
* CF Hard drive (INTERCHANGEABLE!!! I want to swap this all the time, easily)
* Wireless built in (10 Mbps is plenty-good)
* Lithium Ion rechargeable battery (give me 10 hours like my NDS or GBA)
* Mini Keyboard w/Trackball
* USB 2.0 (ok, I can deal with 1.1)
* It must have Damn Small Linux

and withOUT these charateristics:

NO CD/DVD (not needed)
NO fan! (loud, uses power)

...Does something like this exist? Remember those old HP scientific calculators with a clam-shell design? Kinda like a GBA only x6 in both dimensions?

This is something I'd seriously donate $$$ to see developed! (Ok, ok, I am definitely shopping at the DSL store! Do they sell coffee mugs too?)

Thanks for listening...

Posted by AwPhuch on April 04 2006,06:47
< http://www.whatlaptop.co.uk/c4k_gxpo-WckGQ.html >
< http://catalog2.panasonic.com/webapp....book-W4 >
< http://mobileoffice.about.com/cs/laptops/tp/ultralow.htm >

Toshiba's miniscule libretto U100 ultraportable

ooh this one is nice
< http://vaio.sony-europe.com/view....+Series >  just pop out the power hungry HD and slap in a good CFdisk...or 4GB microdrive (I wonder if you could tell it to boot from CFdisk (it has a reader built in..then just remove the HD)

Sweet...solid state HD are inbound!

WOW...I didnt realize that a harddrive used this much juice!
< http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=30435 > ...I suppose a 1 or 2 Gig CF would use about as much power as the solidstate one.

man I keep finding em everywhere
< http://h71016.www7.hp.com/SubFami....0 >

These look like what you are looking for!
< http://www.averatec.com/notebooks/1000series.htm >

Hope that helps


Posted by hs7sv on April 04 2006,07:53
I'm using DSL-2.1b on < Fujitsu Lifebook P5010 >.  I plan to replace HDD with MicroDrive. :D

EDIT: You may like < Sony Vaio U50 and U70 >. This is their < review >.

< Enlarge >

Posted by doobit on April 04 2006,12:42
Man, I wish they wouldn't put intel chips in those things.

Posted by Mule on April 04 2006,18:06
You guys are a freaking fountain of knowledge. Thank you so much.
Posted by pr0f3550r on April 04 2006,18:14
Apart from the fact it will probably never run DSL (never say never!), that's the closest thing:
< http://bbrv.blogspot.com/2005/11/compoogle.html >

Posted by AwPhuch on April 06 2006,00:24

That Fujitsu LifeBook P5010 is SWEEEEEET!

and I like the fact that:
Versatile Modular Bay
DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive
Replaceable with options:
2nd Battery
Weight Saver

And its small! Dimensions 261mm (W) x 198mm (D) x 36.5mm min. (H)

Man the uptime with 2 batteries and a CFDISK or whatever would be UNGODLY!

Very nice...


Posted by AwPhuch on April 06 2006,00:33
Lets not forget this < little puppy > from another post here in the forums

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....t=12590 >

I really wish they would make these...I would have 4 of them (bought one at a time of course) for my kids to use around the house...plus my wife (since she is homeschooling) could use them to help teach them! (well pewp...they wont sell em..thats stupid...who would make such a neat little machine and not want to sell em...other than to govt subsidised grants and crap)

Why havent they put this into production...the sooner they get the ball rolling..bam!!!!!

Why not have a small solarpanel to power the sucker too?


Posted by hs7sv on April 06 2006,03:52
Yeah, < Fujitsu LifeBook P5010 > is like a < Porsche Carrera GT > for DSL. :D

Brian, I agree with you. The uptime of its Main Battery (4400mAh) is up to 6 hours. It is long enough. I'm using 2.5" HDD with Main Battery and DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive.

Posted by DrWatt on April 06 2006,16:20
"remember those old HP calculators with the clamshell design?"

Remember them - yes I still use my HP 100LX everyday. 1M of RAM and 64M CF hard drive. Runs about a week on a charge and fits in my pocket. Thet are probably why I am still partial to Omnibook laptops. Its too bad they ruined the company.

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