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started by: Mule

Posted by Mule on April 22 2006,17:54
Hi Guys,

I hope this is the right forum for this question. Maybe John and Robert are the only ones who can answer this question but any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!

In building a media client, I *REALLY* like the Damn Small Machine, but I'm unsure about integrating wireless with it. I know there are USB Wireless devices, but they do have to stick out of the sleek design of the DSM, and I know my children would love to break this off ;)

1. So are there any *internal* options for getting a DSM to be wireless?

2. If not, how about with the mini-itx computers here at the DSL store?

3. What brand would be best for integrating with both the hardware (Epia) and software (DSL).



ADDED: Don't know if it matters, but the wireless device would be communicating with a Linksys Wireless router (54g/b).

Posted by cbagger01 on April 24 2006,04:43
I don't know the answer regarding the internal wireless cards, but I would expect that they would require some sort of external antenna in order to get decent wireless reception.

Your best bet is probably a Linux-friendly remote-mounted USB device with a USB cable to attach it to the DSM.

Posted by green on April 24 2006,13:23
Are there internal USB headers on the mobo ? If so, you may be able to plug in a USB cable with pin headers on it and the USB dongle on the other end and then find some perfect spot to keep it all inside the case. Like bagger said, tho, that may not be the greatest for reception unless the linksys is close by. Who knows, just a thought.
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