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Topic: Hey,doobit
started by: kerry

Posted by kerry on May 12 2006,07:12
What's that mouse  that you have in your pics here->
< http://www.louddata.com/minihog.html >
I've been looking to get a new one and that one looks good, but i need a name,model,something so i can find it. Can ya let me know please. Thanks.

Posted by kerry on May 12 2006,07:41
never mind i think i found it.-> < http://www.targus.com/us/product_details.asp?sku=PAUM008U >
Posted by doobit on June 06 2006,20:48
Sorry...I just saw this today!?
Yes that's the targus and it works great with DSL. If you push the track ball down at the same time as the left mouse button then it becomes a trackball, if you push the trackball at the same time as the right mouse button then it becomes a three button mouse.

Posted by kerry on June 07 2006,01:16
Yeah, i got it already. I don't really like it though, it's way to sensitive. When i'm scrolling up or down and move the ball a little to the left or right it's like using the page back or page forward and some times it will jump from site to site as if i pressed the back button more than once. Also when i'm holding it in my hand the laser underneth becomes the scroll up and down forward and back. I finally just said screw it and went back to my microsoft explorer track ball mouse.

I got that gyration suite keyboard and mouse for the DSL machine i'm building, i can't wait to try that one, but i'm havent opened it yet i'm saving it for the new DSL machine. I've always built my comp's with used parts people give me, so this will be my first comp i built with all new parts, i'm savoring the moment that sucker is complete.
(it's all currently on hold for now though son's gradution party is costing several limbs so funds are short.)

Posted by cbagger01 on June 07 2006,21:36
Mouse Speed Adjustment:

< http://www.patoche.org/LTT/X/00000048.html >

Posted by kerry on June 07 2006,22:28
No, it's not the speed, it's the mouse is just to touchy. Maybe it's to new,  i probably need to break it in, but it's just to annoying to use.
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