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started by: dougz

Posted by dougz on May 15 2006,03:29
Interesting boot timings, app load timings & performance, running on flash, no HD.

Yes, its not DSL, but still interesting.  If you google, lots of Puppy Linux interest in cheap boxes like this.  Cheaper than Mini-ITX.

I still prefer the ASUS Terminator Via C3 because it is more flexible, but the ASUS is much bigger.

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Posted by dslfool on May 18 2006,04:04
John, I wish you much success with the DSL store, but, oh, my, I'd love to try DSL on this machine. Frugal install on an internal CF card, user data on an external USB drive. Sweet!
Posted by dslfool on June 12 2006,17:22
Looks like the base system for $149 now has an 800MHz VIA C3.
Posted by dougz on June 12 2006,23:31
Looks like the base system for $149 now has an 800MHz VIA C3.

You might want to verify that with an email.  (Would be great if true!)  Don't know about the 800 MHz, but part of the reason for the extra $40 over stock was the configuration upgrades and contribution to Puppy.    Emphasis added in the following --

Devon IT has been testing the Puppy OS on our thin client terminals for a couple of months. Since there is some interest, we are willing to sell these to readers of this forum. This is a prototype model based on our 6010A (VIA EDEN 4000 433Mhz) with the following modifications: Upgraded to 256MB RAM and 128MB Flash and the Operating system changed to "Puppy Linux" (1.04) (you can get more info on our terminals at < >

We can sell these at US$189 plus shipping to readers of this forum. This includes the US keyboard, mouse and power cord. We cannot offer support on the OS but the terminals come with our warranty. We are not advertising these on our site so if you send an email, please make sure you refer to the "Puppy"! Also, we are donating $10 of each Puppy Thin Client sold through this forum to Barry - no strings attached - to help foster his development efforts.

Since this is a prototype, the configuration and price may change accordingly and I will keep you apprised as it evolves.

If you have any questions on buying, send an email to or send me a private message. If you have questions that would be of interest to the forum, feel free to post them here and I will answer as soon as I can.

Preceding quoted from post by sverdy Wed Jul 20, 2005 11:39 pm at < this Puppy linux forum thread. >

As of May 15th, Puppy's founder was still talking about 433 MHz NTA Terminals in < his OLPC article. >  NTA 6010A was still available as late as Feb. 2, 2006.  < Here's the box. >

You could probably buy the stock NTA 6020A (C3 Via 800 MHz) for $189 (current price, not $149), upgrade the CF & RAM from the stock 64/128 to what  you want, put DSL on the CF (with the X config tweaks mentioned in the Puppy forums) and have a good box.

OTOH, this is a more limiting box (except 800 vs 533 MHz) than < DSL store's Diskless Mini-ITX Silent Computer System >  At least the DSL box has internal upgrade paths, while the NTA relies on USB.  YMMV.

Personally, I'd love to get the NTA 6020A with no CF or RAM and put in 1GB RAM and 1 GB CF, if I knew that the changes for DSL wouldn't be too hard.  I'd even take care of that DSL donation all by myself...     :;):

Posted by dslfool on June 15 2006,04:40
Sorry - the $149 "base" model I was referring to is the "6020P", down a few lines from the 6020A. According to the specs on the page the P differs from the A in the lack of a CF card (and software), and the $149 price. I'm assuming that there's still a CF card slot, although, you're right, it'd be good to check that out with the seller. The speed would be good to check as well, but 800MHz is what they're advertising right now. I think the case design is different from the previous list which showed 433MHz models.
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