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started by: bytewrench

Posted by bytewrench on May 24 2006,00:31
I have one of the "Damn Small" nano boxes, and just got my CF adapter in. The CF Adapter has a place for power (floppy style). But I see no where on the board to supply the power? How do I get power to the adapter ?
Posted by 300c_pilot on May 24 2006,01:28
I would make a trip to the local parts store and buy the 4 wire power to 2 wire power adapter. Its a 5 volt adapter. If you have an old computer laying around, you could make one if you are handy with tools.

Posted by doobit on May 24 2006,12:33
The CF card adapters have a floppy style power connector, which is 12 volts. If the motherboard or power supply module has a power connector for a floppy drive, then you could use that.
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