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started by: torp

Posted by torp on June 06 2006,12:32
has anyone had any luck with wireless keyboards & dsl? i am looking for a wireless keyboard with embedded pointing device, and it must have a range of at least 25 feet. i have found several different keyboards out there, but most say they require winblows. would hate to dump a $100 bucks on one of these without knowing it would work under dsl. any help would be appreciated.


Posted by doobit on June 06 2006,12:50
I used a Micro$oft wireless mouse with DSL and it worked fine, so I'm guessing the matching keyboard would too although I haven't tested it.
Posted by Zephrant on June 24 2006,06:30
I bought this one, and it works well under DSL-N as well as on my Myth box.
< Focus Keyboard/mouse >.

The keys are a touch cramped, but it is ideal for a Myth box where it does not get used too much. The trackball is ultra fast though, had to turn it down some.  (xset m 1 10& in .xinitrc)

Posted by humpty on June 25 2006,22:50
I think they should all work. The receiver (RF or infrared) that plugs into the ps2 ports mimicks a common mouse and keyboard. Your pc doesn't know the difference.

btw small wireless keyboards+mouse are really hard to find. I had to resign to a french one, which has this weird layout...grrr :angry:

Posted by Zephrant on June 28 2006,20:32
It is pretty tough (near impossible?) to install with a USB keyboard.  The first thing DSL does is a USB discovery, which hoses the USB support for both USB DVDs, as well as USB keyboards.  I have to install with a standard keyboard, then move to the above one after X comes up.
Posted by larytet on July 01 2006,14:19
i am trying to work with MS wireless desktop thing. i do not have any other keyboard. the setup worked fine with Ubuntu, but fails with DSL

Specifically mouse does not work. i found serial port mouse i used to install Ubuntu on the machine and the serial mouse does work, but not the mouse in the wireless desktop set.

Wirelless desktop has this receiver (?) connected to one USB port and both keyboard and mouse are wireless.

Any way to  install DSL with only a wireless keyboard ? Looks like i run with "Live CD" right now.

any ideas ? thank you

It is indeed very hard  to find a small wireless keyboard. apparently producers think that media buttons are must. unfortunately they are wrong. there are people who uses PC not only for playing MP3 files which you cant download anyway (not legally at least)

Posted by pacone on July 03 2006,00:04
I have installed an A4Tech wireless keyboard and mouse with no problems at all, just fires up an works stright off, no config to do at all. Please note the wireless mouse is a seperate piece of equipment and is not part of the keyboad.

If you do manage to find a combined unit with a pointing device as part of the keyboard, that works with DSL please let me know, as I have a purpose for one as well.

Posted by kuky on July 19 2006,10:16
I have a no expensive wireless usb keyboard an mouse in dsl but 25 feet.... i think is hard to work...i think is possible to work with vnc and wireless card or access point with another pc...
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