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Topic: DSM Nano-ITX a/v profile?
started by: kubera

Posted by kubera on June 14 2006,01:40
I've seen numerous notes -- both on the 'store' page and within these forums, that the MoBo used in the DSM Nano-ITX system is a custom jobber ... I'm curious to know what the details are on its audio and video chipsets. Is the VRAM dedicated or shared?

Nutshellwise, I'm considering purchasing one of the 1GB Flash IDE drive models, adding an additional 1-4GB flash drive on the backside USB port for temporary storage space, tossing my spare monitor and an old three-piece speaker/subwoofer combo on one of it, and setting it in the living room to replace an old hunk-of-junk Dell notebook that I leave there as a 'guest terminal' for my littel nieces to use for websurfing when they visit. I think this would be a great non-game guest-terminal for such things, to ensure they can do limited homework and websurfing while here, but can't install malware or massive amounts of MP3s.

On the other hand, I may just move my main computer out to the living room, and use the DSM as a bedroom 'wake up in the morning and check my email quietly while the SO sleeps' terminal. Decisions, decisions.  :cool:

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