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started by: dougz

Posted by dougz on June 16 2006,15:36
...VIA insiders have leaked the specifications of pc-1 to us on the verge of the official announcement -- which should be one of the company's largest in some time.

The heart of VIA's pc-1 platform are the pc1500, pc2000 and pc2500 CPUs...

The 90nm x86 processors feature 128KB L1 and 128KB L2 cache -- 32-way, victim replacement.  The new CPU supports also SSE1, SSE2, SSE3...

the whole CPU consumes less than 500mW at idle, with a TDP envelope of 25W for the pc2500 and 13W for the pc2000.  The low power is essentially what the pc-1 platform is all about.  VIA's documentation claims the pc2500 CPU is approximately on par with a Celeron 2.8GHz CPU...

< Source >

Nice block diagram and picture at link.  Better multimedia platform with SSE & higher clock speeds.  Great little DSL board!

Maybe this will be the high volume product line that brings down VIA's prices.  Let's hope they bring it to market in a timely manner.

Posted by dougz on June 18 2006,11:31
VIA's pc-1 project looks very significant.  Didn't see mention of processors cited in Daily Tech article.  Official VIA pages on the web:

Tech stuff --
< VIA pc-1 System Platform Architecture >
< Download the VIA pc-1 System Platform Architecture White Paper >

The VIA pc-1 Initiative --
< VIA pc-1 Project Rationale >

VIA pc-1 home page (VIA's solution for the "digital divide") --
< VIA pc-1 Home >

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