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started by: Zucca

Posted by Zucca on June 20 2006,06:53
Is there a way to add CPU temp indicator to DSL docapp?
I need it desperately. I need to test computers at my work. And as you may know you need to measure the temperature when your computer's case is closed.
Currently I have only laser temperature measuer and it's almost impossible to take temp values when case is closed.
I'd just liked to have one software based. ;)

Posted by kerry on June 20 2006,08:50
Temp:${color red}$acpitemp ${color white}C

Add this line to .torsmorc

Posted by Zucca on June 20 2006,09:11
Awesome, outstanding, cool!

Thanks.  :D

Let's hope computers I fix have support for temp monitoring. ;)

Posted by kerry on June 20 2006,09:22
I made the color for temp for mine red but you can change it to what ever you want.

Should work if they have acpi

Posted by Zucca on June 20 2006,15:39
Not working. ;/ 4 years old machines. Compaq EVO.
Same thing with my Compaq Armada E500.
Well. You can't always win. ;)

Posted by kerry on June 20 2006,19:50
Try with the 3.0 version witch has acpi support. I forgot older versions of dsl didn't have it.
Posted by Zucca on June 21 2006,02:25
I'll try that.
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