usb flash drive? yeah mine's kinda dead.

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Topic: usb flash drive? yeah mine's kinda dead.
started by: rhyek

Posted by rhyek on June 30 2006,19:57
i have a sandisk micro 2GB (slow as hell btw) and it sorta went dead about three weeks ago. when i stick it in my pc, if i'm running windows xp it'll hang the moment i try to open the drive. soon as a i remove the drive windows works again. when running dsl, when i try to mount it, the os hangs. if i remove the drive it's still hung.
i'm pretty sure my pc freezes when the os is trying to read the partition. can't even format the drive since every tool i use first reads a partition before it modifies/deletes it.
so, my question is: is there a tool out there i can use which will eliminate all partitions on my ufd without reading them first? or perhaps, is there another way to fix my problem?
thanks for your help!

Posted by faroutscience on June 30 2006,22:14
I had a flash drive die in the same manner. Walmart replaced mine. I have two now, both a 128MB and 256MB Lexars that work perfectly. I use the small one for data and the larger one for DSL 3.0 & data. If I'm not mistaken, Sandisk & Lexar both have at least a 2 year warranty. At 2GB it is probably quite new. I would take the receipt and get a replacement.


Posted by kuky on July 18 2006,08:43
make the last chance with these

< >

if you use the force -f geometry of original geometry you rewritte alll the pendrive sectors , heads and cilinders...

Posted by kuky on July 18 2006,08:55
runs first dsl without pendrive then swich the pendrive and open emlfm and go to /mnt and see to sd devices and mount the pendrive ...i have to swich off the pendrive several times...

in xterminal make sfdisk in -f the original geometry...

with these procedure i recover to the life two usb pen drivers..

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