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Topic: Mouse & Frequency problem - HELP PLEASE
started by: Marcell

Posted by Marcell on July 07 2006,17:13
Please help me in configuring these:

I use an old serial mouse, and DSL cannot use it. How can I get it work?
The other problem is with the frequency of the monitor. I would use DSL a lot, but it provides me only a low frequency, I think It's 60Hz. Where can I change it?

Please help me! A lot of thanks in advence!

Posted by underdog5004 on July 11 2006,00:07
I'm not sure, since I've had some trouble with mydsl apps, but I think you need xfree86 installed to adjust the frequency. I'm not sure about the serial mouse. Try searching first, next time. Otherwise we end up with a bunch of cloned subjects...Not trying to be rude, just helpful.:D


Posted by skaos on July 11 2006,09:28
underdog is correct about the refresh. It should also fix the mouse using the correct XFree86 configuration.
Posted by hs7sv on July 11 2006,10:03
For Serial Mouse, you may try this way:-
Press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace ... then
Code Sample
Xvesa xserver <Enter> ...
USB mouse? <No> <Enter> ...
IMPS/2 mouse <No> <Enter> ...
com1 port <Enter> ...

Code Sample

Posted by dani.zafra on Aug. 06 2006,00:58
Same problem with mouse, I tried with and with all com ports and nothing. Any idea?


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