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Topic: iPAQ Sub-100 Destop -- You pick any distro
started by: dougz

Posted by dougz on July 09 2006,22:54
Found this mentioned on  < MAKE: Blog > -=- $75 Linux box -=-


   * CPU: Intel Celeron 500Mhz
   * Memory: 128MB Upgradable to 512MB
   * Hard Drive: 4GB
   * Network: 10/100 Fast Ethernet w/Optional external 56k modem
   * Audio: Built in sound
   * 6 USB 2.0 ports - 2 on front case
   * Depth: 10.4 in
   * Height: 13.75 in
   * Width: 5.44 in
   * Weight: ~10 lb

< Vendor Webpage >

Default install is Ubuntu.  Vendor will substitute other distro, including DSL.  (See LiveCD list)
You pick any  < distribution > from our site and we'll install it for you. See below for details on the default partitioning scheme less you don't provide us one.

The bad news --
You may still place an order and we'll ship the unit as soon as possible. Due to an influx of orders from mention on Digg.com, ETA is an estimate and there is no guarantee that the timeframe of LATE JULY is correct.

I think that these boxes are described in the < HP/Compaq Product Info >

Note: The manuals on the HP/Compaq site appear to indicate that there is no high-speed USB.  Follow up on this if that is important to you.  (Edit -- added after original posting.)

Read advert carefully; these are USED boxes.  I have no vested interest... yada, yada.  Suppply your own disclaimers.  Not valid on Mars.   :;):

Posted by AwPhuch on July 11 2006,01:02
Not WOW but holy heck batman WOW!!!!!!!!!


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