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started by: humpty

Posted by humpty on July 17 2006,17:26
I wonder if anyone has had this happening?

Been using an all-in-one Via C3 board with built-in everything. The cheapest I could find. It says 2000+ but actually runs at 7?? Mhz.

Everytime the CPU is busy, I get video noise. I can tell cos'
the fonts start flickering.

Is it just a crap board?

Posted by skaos on July 18 2006,09:52
It could be an interference/shielding problem. You could try another monitor or move the monitor away from the motherboard. Also try to move the power supply away from the monitor.
Posted by faroutscience on July 19 2006,00:50
You should also consider the cable runs inside the box. Try routing them around the perimeter.


Posted by matrulesok on July 21 2006,08:10
humpty - exactly the same problem for me on the epia800. I have just accepted it, but I think faroutscience may have the answer. Let me know if you succeed in fixing the problem - thanks!
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