PentiumII + PW-70 powersupply?

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Topic: PentiumII + PW-70 powersupply?
started by: taylor

Posted by taylor on Sep. 07 2006,23:58
Im finally going to try and get a DSL, quiet PC up and running. Im using an old Dell P2 400mhz machine that will be convention cooled, by way of a very large heatsink, and little else but a 16mb graphics card, a network card and a 12GB 5400 rpm HHD. Will the 120watts that the PW-70 puts out do it?
Thanks for the help.


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 08 2006,14:14
Quick search on google gives:
< >
< >

Which seems to suggest 120 W is quite sufficient :P

You might want to try this out:
< >

Posted by taylor on Sep. 08 2006,18:43
Thanks for the links. They were exactly what I was looking for (and hadnt found myself) Looks like it should fine. Worst case is that I use an external, self powered CD-ROM drive to save a few watts.
Posted by dougz on Sep. 09 2006,22:18
One thing to watch for -- some Dell's have proprietary power connector pinouts.

On the good side, the Dell support site has pretty good docs.  I'd definitely either compare the power connector pinouts with your proposed PS or ask around to verify that your mobo uses industry-standard pinouts.

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