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started by: rdworker

Posted by rdworker on Oct. 02 2006,20:08
I am looking for a extremely low power consumption ITX that I can run DSL from (via usb pen or flash).  I have emailed DSL, but realize they are probably busy and will get back to me when they can.

Any of you own the little ITX's that DSL sells know the power consumption?

I am essentially wanting to run the box and a small LCD screen on the road via solar power.


Posted by faroutscience on Oct. 02 2006,21:47
I would bet that the lowest power consumption would be either the nano-itx mobo or the EPIA-5000 fanless mobo. You could equip either with a USB flash or compact flash. You could use the ultra compact power supply driven by a 12 volt solar panel. The dc-dc power supply consumes very little leaving the board as the significant consumer.

To be conservative your solar panel should be able to provide around 20 watts of power at 12 volts.

Via has just announced a new EK series of boards. One runs at 800 Mhz and consumes only 19 watts. (It is also fanless)


Posted by John on Oct. 04 2006,03:04
The DSMs are only 5V @ 4.5A.  I think that's about the lowest power consuming x86 system you could find that could run DSL nicely.

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/store/Mini_ITX_Systems/Damn_Small_Machine >

Posted by faroutscience on Oct. 04 2006,20:14
12 volt solar panels are easy to find.

5v @ 4.5 amps ---

P = I x E  == 22.5 watts


Posted by John on Oct. 05 2006,05:35
:p  Oops, I guess it was late.
Posted by pbnj on Oct. 17 2006,17:09
I had a similar question, but about the barebones model (http://damnsmalllinux.org/store/Mini_ITX_Systems/Mini_ITX_BareBones_Computer). Can anyone fill me in on its power needs? Also, will the LCD screens in the store all work with 12V (thinking they are, given car batteries...)?
Posted by fuzzybud on Oct. 20 2006,21:19
With my handy little watt meter I can answer some of the questions. I bought the EPIA 5000 from John's store and loved it so much I now have a second one. It works fine as a desktop computer once you accept that it is a little slow, but not so slow as you think. ( I also broke down recently and bought a 64bit Sempron 2800+ with a Biostar AM2 motherboard.)

A few minutes ago I tested the a Samsung SyncMaster 151x LCD monitor booted into KDE. I am running FreeBSD 6.1. The monitor draws 17 watts in KDE and less when I am on the command line. It draws about 2 watts in the standby mode.

My EPIA 5000 has 512 MB RAM, a Seagate (Barracuda 7200.9) 120MB hard disk, and an LG DVD reader/writer that is mostly idle, not drawing much power. As I am typing the the watt meter shows 18/19 watts. When the hard drive is working the wattage goes up to 23/24 watts. Typical power consumption for my desktop is between 35 and 41 watts and slightly more when I am using the DVD reader/writer.

I bought the nano last winter so I know it draws about 20 watts. If the nano fits your needs exactly go ahead and buy. I regret buying it because its form is not so flexible as the EPIA 5000. The lesson is to learn as much as possible about the computer before buying, find out if it will boot with usb, some don't. If it does boot with usb, what format does it use.

To add to you fund of knowledge I will tell you that the Sempron 2800+, Biostar AM2 motherboard with 1 GB of 533 MHz RAM, 15 inch LCD monitor, and HP laserjet 1320 draws 97 watts.

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