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started by: wade85

Posted by wade85 on Oct. 29 2006,06:03
Hi Guys bit of a Noob here, using latest Livedisc with view to do an HD Install on an old system, but I currently have a KVM switch set up with my new 19in Flat Panel and wireless Logitech keyboard & Mouse shared on my XP system but when I have it switch to the DSL system only my keyboard will work, no mouse.

The KVM set up:

Monitor and Mouse and keyboard all plugged into Console plus as normal, XP system connected to the KVM with a USB that give the Mouse and Keyboard connection plus a monitor Cable.

Ditto for DSL System.

Where I am stuck is that I am not sure is it because DSL thinks its a USB mouse - if so how do I fix it OR
is it because DSL thinks its a PS2 mouse - if so how do I fix it.



Posted by roberts on Oct. 29 2006,16:36
The default is ps2. If using usb then boot dsl with the xsetup option to get to the mouse selection area and choose usb.
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