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Topic: Again on "Bargain Mini-ITX BareBones Computer"
started by: bruire

Posted by bruire on Nov. 04 2006,09:56
Reprising talk about this mistery thing.

Since I cannot get it for I live in Italy (no shipment to here), I resort to asking questions.

Anybody knows what kind of case it uses? I can't find anything similar in online shops worldwide after a torough search.

And why does it say "The performance is a lot like a Via M10000, which makes sense because it shares the same processor, mini-itx form factor, and DDR RAM capabilities.
If the specs are the same of EPIA M10000 but it's not, what is it then?

And who builds that? DSL people or who?

Just VERY curious (well, I'm trying to assemble one by myself, too).

Thanks dudes.

Posted by humpty on Nov. 05 2006,01:58
Enclosures? try < >
Posted by John on Nov. 10 2006,21:18
We do sell enclosures too:
< >

Posted by bruire on Nov. 12 2006,17:06
Quote (John @ Nov. 10 2006,16:18)
We do sell enclosures too:
< >

Yes, but that's not THAT case!
Do you know where to find THAT case?

Posted by u2musicmike on Nov. 21 2006,23:08
I found a good article about using one of these small PCs as a video server in a car:

< >

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