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started by: Dimitri

Posted by Dimitri on Jan. 22 2007,22:22
I'm considering of buying the Nano-ITX Computer, but I still have a few questions. Since a lot of users on this form have already such a device, I hope someone can answer these questions for me.

If I buy such a device, can i turn it to a media center (not for live TV)? I want to be able to play DivX movies, flash movies, listen to music, view pictures, etc. with the use of this device. Is this possible, or are the specifications of this device to low for it?

I want to make a device that can support the following formats:
- DivX
- Flash
- MP3

Did someone tried it on such a device? Will it work to run flash player and divx software on this device?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 22 2007,23:56
Which system bundle is this? (link?)

You'll probably want to invest some time looking into the software as well... such as mplayer.  If you plan on playing high-resolution fullscreen videos, I'd also suggest for a video system that supports video acceleration (by XFree86 extension+driver+xv)

Posted by Dimitri on Jan. 23 2007,10:56
This is the device I'm thinking to use: < Damn Small Machine >

I was already looking at mplayer and it looks like a very cool program. Does anyone has experience with it of making it work under DSL?

The video system you are talking about, is it software? I plan to play full screen video's, but not High-Def at this moment, but maybe in the future...

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 23 2007,18:46
For mplayer and xine, see mydsl

Video system I meant is the hardware - it isn't specified which one it is though, on that page.
Without video acceleration, I have played some files at 640x480 pseudo-fullscreen by changing the screen resolution first - but this was on a much slower processor (350mhz - where stretching would stutter the video).

Posted by Dimitri on Jan. 23 2007,19:52
This is the website of the manufacturer: < Mini ITX >. It gives more information about the video hardware.

Does anyone has experience with the device (Nano-ITX Computer) that they are selling here? What is the feedback about this device?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 23 2007,23:31
VGA Chipset: VIA Uni Chrome 2D/3D Graphics, MPEG2 Accelerator
Looks like this could work with the "via" driver in XFree86.

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