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started by: Polyergic

Posted by Polyergic on Jan. 29 2007,05:55
I'm not satisfied with my internet router at home, and I've been thinking of replacing it with a more configurable Linux system.  I just found DSL looking for a very small computer, and while the computers sold & linked here are small enough, none of them have the necessary 2 ethernet ports.

I was really hoping for a computer about the size of a pocketbook, not necessarily capable of connecting to keyboard/mouse/monitor, which I can use entirely remotely, much like my current off-the-shelf router.

Is there anything like that available anywhere, or would I have to resort to an external adapter?  (does DSL support USB Ethernet adapters?)

fastest CPU that can be cooled with tiny case
1 mini DDR-2 slot (laptop style); 256MB?
1 SATA (signal & power) for storage; 2GB flash?
1 normal PC-style power input
2x gigabit ethernet
1 or more USB
1 or more firewire

Add a minimal GPU, a VGA or miniDVI, and 2 more USB, and it can do a console.  Telnet in the firmware would be a plus.

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