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started by: Soldat

Posted by Soldat on Feb. 27 2007,20:11
Right now I am staisfied to a point with the system that is all to my own (we have a family computer, but it is often occupied by others so I like having a system of my own to do what I please with).

Well I have to move around alot so I was interested in buying an older laptop. I don't mind much about it as long as it runs and has everything that it is supposed to. Anyone have any suggestions?(i.e. where to look, what not to buy etc.)

Thanks alot,

(P.S. Just wanted to say these are by far the most helpful forums I have ever come across in my life! 10000 kudos to the developers and the major forum members)

Posted by newOldUser on Feb. 28 2007,12:22
It use to be called Retrobox, < http://www.retrobox.com. >   I know several people that used them and liked the service. I don't know if they've changed much since they merged with another company. They deal in corporate laptops that have come off the corporate lease. Usually two or three year old stuff.
Posted by Soldat on Feb. 28 2007,21:03
Thanks alot, they look to be very good. But of course, I must shop around. Any other suggestions anyone?
Posted by miamicanes on Mar. 05 2007,20:49
I'm fond of the (pre-HP) Compaq Armada m700 series. They're dirt cheap on eBay, and generally well-behaved & painless to use under Linux.

DSL runs nicely on the 500MHz P-III models with 128mb, and runs EXTREMELY well on the 700+MHz models w/256mb. They're corporate models, so they're extremely rugged (magnesium-alloy cases, I believe) and have versatile expansion bays that can take a floppy, CD, and/or battery.

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