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started by: eob

Posted by eob on June 14 2007,00:35
Dying to get a Damn Small Linux Frugal Install going here so I purchased a 2gig Sandisk Ultra 2 CF card and a 44-pin CF-IDE adaptor from FleaBay.

Unfortunately, when I offered it up to the laptop, there's a redundant pin on the adaptor which is blanked off...

What's this blanked off pin for?

Laptop is a ~96 Company Armada, same thing on an old Dell Latitude from the same era I have here?

Lil help? Do I just bend the pin back and cross my fingers? :D

Posted by curaga on June 14 2007,09:04
only one? usually there are four pins for setting master/slave that don't connect...

Edit: You mean in the center of the adaptor, that is usually not there? It transfers nothing, so feel free to remove it.
Or just push it in, it won't hurt to have a hole in the laptop's ide end... For googling, it's pin 20 and usually removed to help show which way to put the ide cable

Posted by eob on June 14 2007,15:06
Here you go :)

< http://www.octane.ie/gallery....ection= >

Does anyone know which way these CF-IDE adaptors are orientated? Ie... same way up as the HDD? There's no markings on it to say which way up it should be (ie branding on the CF card facing 'up' the same was a HDD) or the other way around? I need to know which pin to cut :)

Posted by curaga on June 14 2007,15:12
Tough one..

Were there any pics with that adapter connected?

Posted by eob on June 14 2007,15:16
Here's a pic:
< http://www.octane.ie/gallery....ection= >

Posted by eob on June 14 2007,15:19
Here you go:
< http://www.octane.ie/gallery....ection= >

Neat little thing, but I think I've just broken the wrong pin! Alas, let's not panic, they're not that expensive, will pick up another on ebay, anything I should be looking out for? :)

Posted by curaga on June 14 2007,15:19
Yes that's the extra pin. But I meant a pic where that cf-ide adapter would be connected to laptop ide, to see which way to put it...
Posted by curaga on June 14 2007,15:21
look for one that doesn't have that pin ;)
Posted by eob on June 14 2007,15:33
The thing is, right, that the Dell pc's use these little plastic adaptor 'quick connect' things... and they're what's missing the pin :D So once you've put that adaptor on, you can connect it any way up you like :D I know it's confusing but:

cf adaptor -> quick connect adaptor -> laptop

in normal use...

hdd -> quick connect adaptor -> laptop

Which way round to put the HDD is obvious because of the blanked pin.... but the CF adaptor isn't marked in the same way, so I need to know:

Is the CF adaptor the 'same way up' (ie. top of the CF card facing upwards) as the HDD (top of the HDD, ie. the manufacturers label and not the printed circuit board)

Hehhehe, hope someone knows! I just buggered a CF -> IDE adaptor trying to figure it out by myself.

Posted by curaga on June 15 2007,08:39
That's the bad part. No-ine knows as it is different for every adapter..
Posted by humpty on June 15 2007,19:00

Comparing between female and male(yours)  in the top picture might help. You can just about see where the centre ridge is on the female.

(oh god now i'm sounding like national geographic).

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