Fanless Mini-ITX BareBones won't power up

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Topic: Fanless Mini-ITX BareBones won't power up
started by: geodog

Posted by geodog on Sep. 21 2009,06:17
I bought a Fanless Mini-ITX BareBones Computer a couple years ago, and it has done yeoman service as a silent server in my guest bedroom / home office. However, I went away for vacation a couple weeks ago, and turned it and everything else off, and turned off the power strip.

When I came back from vacation, I turned the power strip back on, and tried to power up the Fanless Mini-ITX. No luck. The LED on the external power brick comes on yellow, but the computer power on light doesn't come on, and it doesn't start booting.

I'm not very electronically savvy. I would be grateful for some help on how to diagnose the problem, and if it turns out to be the internal power supply, as I suspect, how to replace it (and what with)

I don't see any mention of warranty on the DSL hardware page, and I don't know what my service options are, if any, but I live in the Bay Area and could drop the computer off in Foster City if need be.

Thanks in advance,

Posted by geodog on Oct. 02 2009,22:30
Anybody? My server has been down for more than two weeks now. I would really appreciate a little help.
Posted by stunix*com on Oct. 24 2009,21:57
i live in "the bay area", but i think we are in different countries, continents even!  if you are referring to the USA then its probably called "NEW BAY AREA" or something!

anyway, your itx machine could well have suffered a simple psu failiure, get a local electrician or handyman to test the voltage coming out of the power brick.  new ones on ebay are around $20

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