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started by: Jason

Posted by Jason on Aug. 11 2005,08:32
Been a while since I've logged in here, great to see a forum expansion for this type of stuff - espically since I know what OS and what Distro of that OS I plan to use on it. :)

Anyway, I have an old P1 Computer I got for almost free (plan on use as a 2nd/backup unit), and I needed to upgrade the RAM in the computer as it only had 12 MB EDO SIMM RAM installed.

Doing some online research on the motherboard in the computer (Elite TS54P AIO Rev: 1.3) and SIMM RAM, I determined that I should be able to load up to 128 MB of RAM on either 2 or 4 SIMM chips.

I got 2 64 MB EDO SIMM chips (128 MB total), inserted them correctly, and when booting up the computer, it only recognizes 32 MB.  I've already tried moving the memory to the other set of memory slots, and there are no BIOS settings (Phoenix BIOS Version 4.04) relating to the amount of installed memory.

Any help/suggestions other than 'that computer is too old,' or 'you wasted your money, buy a new PC,' would be greatly appreciated. (Not that those that participate on this forum regularly are like that, I just want to get that clarified before someone says that.)

Posted by kopsis on Aug. 11 2005,09:24
I don't have any first hand knowledge of this motherboard, but the first two things I'd investigate are motherboard jumper settings and BIOS updates. Also make sure you are using the correct SIMM slots (sometimes when you only populate two they have to be specific ones).
Posted by NotTheMama on Aug. 11 2005,11:14
Have you tried only placing 1 simm. If the motherboard accepts this.
I have seen problems using 2 simms. The simms were not compatible with each other...

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Aug. 11 2005,15:29
Perhaps yout motherboard only accepts matched SIMM pairs?

Elitegroup motherboards have always been shoddy and problematic.

If nothing else, try another ram stick.

But if you are spending much money on this at all, you are throwing it away. If you have this stuff laying around, or are getting it for free, than it's a good deal. ^_^

Fry's and TigerDirect regularly have systems for around $100 USD.


Posted by cbagger01 on Aug. 11 2005,16:07
Pentium 1 era computers have many possible RAM requirements because at that time the computer manufacturers had not yet standardized on an official RAM type or types for PC motherboards.

So there are standard SIMM, EDO, FPM, 60ns 70ns matched pair requirements etc.

Your best bet is to get a copy of the PC/motherboard user manual or visit an online RAM seller that will automatically tell you what RAM is available for your motherboard.  Like crucial for example

But my grossly oversimplified answer is:

If it doesn't work when you plug them in, then it doesn't work.

All the research in the world isn't going to make those sticks come to life, unless there was some magic jumper or BIOS setting that you learn.

Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Aug. 11 2005,18:39
This motherboard will only accept 128Mb of RAM (SIMM or DIMM, but not both).  With 4 SIMM slots, it will only recognize 32MB in each.  SIMMs always have to be paired. DIMMs, on the other hand, do not.  If you got 2 64MB DIMM modules, then you could use them to run 128MB; otherwise, with only 2 SIMM modules, you can only run 64MB.  You may want to see if there is a BIOS update for this mobo that will allow it to read more memory, but it is very doubtful.
Posted by Alladin on Aug. 29 2005,05:44
I have this problem right now with a stick of sdram (256 133) only shows up as 128, it is actually to do with the ram itself, how many chips are on the stick, if u are having problems where u only get half the ram, check to see if there are chips on both sides of the simms, if not your MB might only recognize the maximum amount it can read from 1 chip, in my example it is 16Mb per chip, 16*8=128 (when the chips are really each 32Mb. to fix this ( as i can actually have 256 in 1 slot ) by having 8 chips on each side, 16 total of 16 each. I hope this helps u out, u may have to get different ram unfortunatly.
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