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Topic: Using DSL to Ghost Fedora
started by: Aussie

Posted by Aussie on Aug. 17 2005,13:47

I have been experimenting with linux for a couple of weeks. I did a HD install of DSL and found it very nice to use.

At the moment I am using Fedora 4 with ext3 file systems.

I am only a linux newbie, but have a long history with Windows and DOS.

Ghosting my HDD in linux is something that has me bamboozled. I use Norton Ghost with Windows, but it won't work with ext3 linux file systems.

I noticed that using cfdisk as root with the DSL live CD shows me my HDD partitions. I was wondering if there is a way to burn these partitions (or the whole drive) to CD-R using the live CD?

I realize this is probably a bit rude to ask this question in the DSL forum, but forgive me - I am an old man



Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Aug. 17 2005,16:41
This is the place to ask questions!

To create a bzip-compressed image of your first hdd (you will need space to store the image, such as a second hdd. Change the device name according to your needs), do this.

Code Sample
bzip2 -1c < /dev/hda > myhdd.img.bz2

And to restore the image...

Code Sample
bzip2 -dc < myhdd.img.bz2 > /dev/hda


Posted by clivesay on Aug. 17 2005,17:00
I've not restored an image using JP's commands but I have created images. It works well. If the HD is very big, it will take awhile. It also does a good job of compressing the image.


Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 17 2005,17:59
Posted by cbagger01 on Aug. 18 2005,17:07

If you really want to, you CAN ghost an EXT3 image with Norton.  Just do a RAW image.  This should work regardless of filesystem choice but that backup files are larger in size.

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