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started by: wireframewolf

Posted by wireframewolf on Aug. 19 2005,17:35
Heyo. I recently just purchased an M1000 motherboard at the DSL store, along with a power supply and an adapter. All I need now is memory, but when I was attempting to order a 1 gig stick, I was informed of compatibility issues with the chipset. From here I learned that there is registered and unregistered memory, and that makes buying a little more confusing.

So my question is, will the board work with any generic, unregistered PC2100 chip? If not, where can I find memory registered for the Via CLE266 chipset?

Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Aug. 19 2005,17:49
DDR memory (such as the PC2100) is a lot better about compatibilty than the old SIMM and DIMM modules were.  99% of the new motherboards don't care if the memory is registered or not.  As long as you get a good quality chip and don't put too much memory in one slot then it should work just fine.  For more info, see VIA's website:

< >

Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Aug. 19 2005,17:53
As far as getting good memory, check out < Newegg >.  You should be able to get a nice stick of memory with a lifetime warranty fairly inexpensively.
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