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started by: adssse

Posted by adssse on Aug. 27 2005,04:38
I have been having some trouble with our power going out in my neighborhood lately and am thinking about getting a ups. I have two computers (300watt power supply and old 230watt) that I have hooked up to a monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse via a kvm. My question is I am not sure what I should get for my needs. I would like to have power for both of these computers, monitor, etc. in the event I lose power. I dont need it to provide power for a long time, just enough to save what I am doing and properly shutdown, but I am not sure what specifications I would need considering I would like both computers, monitor and essentials hooked up. I would really appreciate any advice since I am kinda in the dark on what to look for.
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Aug. 27 2005,07:47
The best UPS I've ever used was home made.

650 amp car battery, cigarette-adapter (with all the proper resistors and other hardware set up, so it doesn't fry stuff), and a car-power inverter.

Worked like a charm, and cost well under the $500 or $600 that you'd have to pay for basicly the same set up, minus the inherant sexiness of the duct tape that was crucial to it staying in one piece.


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