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Topic: power supply for EPIA SP 13000
started by: colink7

Posted by colink7 on Sep. 02 2005,00:29
anyone know if the PW 60A is compatible w/ the EPIA SP 13000?  if not, can someone recommend a PSU that is?  thanks!
Posted by brianez21 on Sep. 19 2005,21:26
The Damn Small Linux store says the PW-60A works only with
- EPIA-5000
- EPIA-800
- Lucky Star Mini-itx

Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Sep. 19 2005,21:56
According to Via's tech specs, that board never draws more than about 35 watts.  A 60 watt PS should be okay as long as you keep the accessories to a minimum.


See pp 10-12 of the < manual >

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