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Topic: SATA vs IDE?
started by: RoGuE_StreaK

Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Sep. 10 2005,00:15
Looking at getting a new harddrive very shortly, and it looks like SATA drives are now virtually identical in price to the IDE ones.  My motherboard has SATA support built in.

Question being, should I upgrade, or stick to IDE?  Obviously a major point is that DSL doesn't support SATA.  Will this ever change?  I see Tronik has a remaster that supports SATA, but it's an old version, and I couldn't get X to load when I tried it.

When I go to upgrade my motherboard next time (probably at least another year), will IDE still be standard?  How hard is the push to switch to SATA?
DVD burners are still all IDE anyway, aren't they?  (I'm going to get a burner at the same time, hence the need for a lot more space).

I think for the price difference I may as well go for a 200GB drive.

Posted by palloco on Sep. 10 2005,20:31
Well, there is not actually performance difference between IDE and SATA unless you are buying a Raptor, so probably your best option is IDE.
Here you have a nice post:
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Posted by cbagger01 on Sep. 11 2005,06:43
Get an IDE drive.

It will work out-of-the-box with DSL and you can always get an IDE-to-SATA converter later on if your future computer does not support IDE (probably will be completely phased out in 4-5 years or so)

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