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Topic: Bashpodder
started by: cmanb

Posted by cmanb on Nov. 28 2006,16:52
I don't know if I'm a late-comer to this, but I just found a little bash-script podcast catcher that might appeal to dsl users.

It's called Bashpodder and you can find more about it < here >.  

It's ridiculously small, simple, and fun, a good example of bash scripting.  Used with kcron or newOldUser's < fauxCron script >, , you can set it up to automatically download your shows.

I haven't actually tried it in dsl yet. It's possible you might need to upgrade to gnu-utils to make it work.

Posted by u2musicmike on Nov. 29 2006,04:23
Bashpodder works great.  I didn't use cron or anything.  I just copied the three files in a directory, edited the script file to comment out a cron entry, and then I fired up the script.  The links that were in the conf file really have a lot of MP3's.  I had to hit contol z to stop all of the downloads.  Next I edited the conf file and put in some podcast links from NPR.  Now I have a whole directory to listen to while I type this.


Posted by ytsuchiyama on Mar. 28 2007,03:02
I found "BashPodder GUI", linked from the site is quite helpful for the GUI users like me.

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