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started by: u2musicmike

Posted by u2musicmike on Jan. 24 2007,20:34
I am trying to get radio buttons to work in a short lua program:

Code Sample

selbc = fltk:Fl_Round_Button(130,20,18,25,"Breads_Cereals")
-- selbc:value(1)

selmd = fltk:Fl_Round_Button(260,20,18,25,"Main Dishes")

selveg = fltk:Fl_Round_Button(130,40,18,25,"Vegetables")

selmisc = fltk:Fl_Round_Button(260,40,18,25,"Miscellaneous")

-- setonly():void

if selmisc:value() == 1 then
foodcat = "Miscellaneous"
elseif selmd:value() == 1 then
foodcat = "Main Dishes"
elseif selveg:value() == 1 then
foodcat = "Vegetables"
elseif selbc:value() == 1 then
foodcat = "Breads_Cereals"

No matter what I click the value is never set unless I do it manually.  I tried to do it like the fdtool program but I am missing something.  Can somebody point me to a site that has some lua radio button code?

Posted by roberts on Jan. 24 2007,21:11
What is your enclosing container, group or window?
What gui is going to have the callback attached so you can display the results of the radio button selection.

We have 5 lua programs that use radio buttons, from simple to more complex for you to study.


Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 24 2007,22:22
Something like this might help?

Code Sample

function catfood(self)

selbc = fltk:Fl_Round_Button(30,20,18,25,"Breads_Cereals")
selbc:type(fltk.FL_RADIO_BUTTON); selbc:callback(catfood);
selmd = fltk:Fl_Round_Button(160,20,18,25,"Main Dishes")
selmd:type(fltk.FL_RADIO_BUTTON); selmd:callback(catfood);
selveg = fltk:Fl_Round_Button(30,40,18,25,"Vegetables")
selveg:type(fltk.FL_RADIO_BUTTON); selveg:callback(catfood);
selmisc = fltk:Fl_Round_Button(160,40,18,25,"Miscellaneous")
selmisc:type(fltk.FL_RADIO_BUTTON); selmisc:callback(catfood);


If you have multiple sets of radio buttons you'll probably need to create a unique group for each set of buttons.  Also, this example uses the label of each button to determine the value of foodcat

Posted by u2musicmike on Jan. 26 2007,15:41
Thanks for the help.  I was really stuck.  The radio buttons work now.  That is a pretty neat trick to pull the labels from the buttons.  I don't know the lua programming language very well but I am trying to build a data entry form for a sqlite database.  As a starting point I took the window routines from the fdtool.lua program and changed a few things like button names and input fields.  If I can get it to produce the sql statement that I want I will post the code or make a dsl package.

One thing that I found strange was the function has to be before the radio button statements.

Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 26 2007,18:12
Apparently some languages don't require the function to be defined first, but  Lua seems to be one that does. I assume this is because Lua is interpreted line-by-line at runtime, so it needs to know what a callback does before it can use the callback. Maybe the function could first be declared without being fully defined, like in C, but I haven't really had any need or desire to experiment with that yet.

I know nothing about using sql databases yet, so I can't help there. So far my experience with saving and retreiving data has been in parsing plain text rc files, like many of the DSL tools do.

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