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Topic: LuaFltk_reference.uci flua not found
started by: tay

Posted by tay on Feb. 01 2007,22:00
I'm using DSL 3.1, and getting flua not found when using the luafltk_reference.uci. can you confirm that MurgaLua has replaced flua and if so is there a reference or guide available for down load (using dial-up so online reading gets expensive).

Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 01 2007,22:22
Lua-FLTK was replaced by MurgaLua. There was a short time during development that both applications were available, but that was merely a transition period between the two.

There is no package available similar to the one for Lua-FLTK, at least not yet, but I think you'll find that the documentation for Lua 5.1 and FLTK 1.1.7 will help a lot...particularly since the syntax used in murgaLua is much closer to the original Lua and FLTK languages than lua-fltk was.

Also be sure to check out the murgalua website for murga-specific stuff:
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