Does python2.5.unc not work in DSL 3.2?

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Topic: Does python2.5.unc not work in DSL 3.2?
started by: glue

Posted by glue on Feb. 08 2007,15:29
I've loaded python2.5.unc in DSL 3.2 and nothing happens. At the very least I would've expected IDLE to show up in the myDSL menu but that doesn't happen. Does IDLE need to be download separately because I can't find IDLE in myDSL?
Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 08 2007,18:55
IDLE is apparently not a part of the current extension.  The present Tk extension doesn't include headers, so tkinter couldn't be built in DSL, and I guess that is required for IDLE.

However, ubermai recently built a python2.5-incl.idle.unc extension...I have no idea if it was submitted yet.
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