where/how to install libpcap 0.9.5

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Topic: where/how to install libpcap 0.9.5
started by: meltdown_override

Posted by meltdown_override on Mar. 08 2007,04:25
Ok Im trying to install kismet for use with my linksys wpc54gs with the broadcom chip. I've read somewhere that you need the newest kismet with libpcap .9 to use this setup with ndiswrapper. I've downloaded(successfully) flex.bison, and Byacc without a problem. Then I downloaded,./configured/make libpcap without error. Once done with all this im finally ready(I think) with kismet-2007.01.R1b. Untarred the thing and when almost done with ./configure I get an error that the libpcap is not new enough. I've read that the lib I downloaded is just what kismet wants. What Im questioning is where im installing all this. As Im sitll fairly new with linux, I downloaded everything to /home/dsl (I know there are better places to put the sources I just don't know where) Where should all these source files go before I attempt to untar and ./configure?
Posted by meltdown_override on Mar. 08 2007,04:28
ps I think I put this thread in the wrong place again. Could someone send over a nunn with a ruler so that the next time I do that I get a good one on the wrist? :) lol
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