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Topic: gwbasic to linux
started by: kuky

Posted by kuky on Oct. 07 2007,16:05
i ask if there is a program to translate a gwbasic program to linux or how i can run a gwbasic program in linux ??
Posted by curaga on Oct. 07 2007,16:11
Dunno about gwbasic, is it's syntax different from normal basic?

There's Freebasic for linux, it compiles fast & small apps and has gtk bindings too..

Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 07 2007,23:29
a search of "gwbasic" on < > returns at least a few things that might be of use to you.
Posted by kuky on Oct. 10 2007,19:44
thanks mik and couraga i have dowload exil and freebasic in the weekend i will work with them and report...
Posted by roberts on Oct. 10 2007,20:07
Might also want to look at eu311 in the testing area.
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