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Posted by on Aug. 15 2005,04:33
What's the best way to get perl's cpan working on dsl?
Posted by hb on Aug. 17 2005,06:40

I was able to upgrade perl, and thereafter ExtUtils::MakeMaker, etc, which gave me access to the perl -MCPAN by following kopsis' instructions from a previous post:

Edit your /etc/apt/sources.list file and change "oldstable" to stable. Then do an apt-get update and you'll have access to much more recent software versions (including Perl 2.8.x packages). Beware though that installing packages from the newer repository could result in forced upgrades of packages you don't want to change. I always do an apt-get -s install my_desired_package first just to see what kind of changes apt is going to want to make.

If I installed packages manually, I ended up using the pure perl Make, 'pmake'.


Posted by on Aug. 18 2005,03:49
I tried what you suggest (oldstable => stable) and it got me going. Thank you so much! :)
Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 18 2005,06:01
Thre is also a full perl install in the gtk2-0705.dsl package..
Perl 5.8.7, I believe..
( for those who simply want to click-to-install it. )


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