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started by: hs7sv

Posted by hs7sv on Dec. 14 2005,07:20
< USB Victorinox >

< SwissMemory USB Victorinox webspecials >

Posted by newOldUser on Dec. 16 2005,00:18
I picked a 512mb version up at Office Depot for $29 (after rebate) on Black Friday.  I think the regular price is US$39.  It's not bad.
Posted by hs7sv on Dec. 16 2005,09:44
All about choices in our life. This is another choice: < iDisk Tiny > and < Pretec i-Disk AQUA TINY USB 2.0 Drive >
Posted by larkl on Dec. 16 2005,12:38
How cool is this!   I'm always catching heck at work about my nerdy little swiss army knife.  This jacks it up a notch.  Here's a review:

< Review >

Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 17 2005,05:31
You guys and your oversized thumbdrives...

If you want small, check this one out:

< >

Posted by hs7sv on Dec. 17 2005,15:29
cbagger01, I'm using 256MB PQI Intelligent Stick 2.0 also. It works very good with DSL. I'm waiting for 512MB and 1GB version.
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