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started by: AwPhuch

Posted by AwPhuch on Jan. 18 2006,19:51
Hey people...

If you are using azureus on M$ I recommend a new ultra lightweight torrent client out there

< http://utorrent.com/ >
   * Multiple simultaneous downloads
   * Smart bandwidth usage
   * File level priorities
   * Configurable bandwidth scheduling
   * Global and per-torrent speed limiting
   * Quickly resumes interrupted transfers
   * UPnP support (WinXP only)
   * Supports popular protocol extensions
   * Trackerless support (Mainline DHT)
   * Localized to different languages
   * Typical memory use less than 6 MB
   * Incredibly small: 115 KB

I just thought you guys might like this...lightweight..fast...and doesnt bog your M$ system down (like that doesnt happen :) )

P.S. The linux tracker for 2.1 torrent is < http://linuxtracker.org/download.php?id=1224&name=dsl-2.1.torrent >
Join in the torrent people!


Posted by hs7sv on Jan. 19 2006,07:23
yeah, I'm using uTorrent. It is one of my PortableApps. :D
Posted by botbotdingzip on Feb. 13 2006,08:15
utorrent is da bomb! I'm getting hellfire bandwidth from it - azureas comes now where near it. Haven't tried ctorrent yet but looking forward to it when I can get some protection! Don't forget to cover your buttocks with Peerguardian - stops unwanted attention from prying razorback servers and Gov't agencies if your in one of those <cough>socialist<splutter> countries.
There's a tar.gz for it but I don't have the expertize or free time to compile it for dsl, but maybe some of you people have. It's not the total solution but its better than having no bluetack blocklist at all. I'd be interested to know what other people use for intrusion protection and cloaking ports.

Thanks DSL dev's and community for a stellar OS :)

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