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started by: doobit

Posted by doobit on Jan. 20 2006,21:05
It's up and running!

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Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 20 2006,21:32
That simply rocks.
I'm betting a lot of people would pay dearly for a lunchbox mini with their favorite lunchbox characters on it...Spiderman, Hello Kitty, etc...

Posted by clacker on Jan. 20 2006,22:36
Really nice doobit.  The nibbler is a great sheet metal tool, but I think what you did looks great even with the rotary tool.
Posted by John on Jan. 20 2006,23:49
Looks really good!  I like the way it all fits inside the box, you did a good job.

One thing I would watch is the heat inside.  The 6000s run hot, and even though they are fanless they seem to like a lot of fresh air.  FWIW, the 5000s run a lot cooler. I think people could get away with putting them in nearly anything, but they do not have the same performance as the 6000s.

Posted by doobit on Jan. 20 2006,23:55
Yes, I was aware of the heat issue because I tried it a few times with it all laid out on the floor. I drilled a series of small holes in the side opposite the power supply fan that put the CPU heat sink between them and the power supply inlet vents.You can't see them in the photos because they are small, and I forgot to mention on the web page.  The fan doesn't move much air, but the temperature seems to stabilize fairly quickly, so I hope it's enough. One other issue with this mainboard is that it's real touchy about what RAM it will work well with.
Posted by doobit on Jan. 21 2006,00:24
Quote (clacker @ Jan. 20 2006,17:36)
Really nice doobit.  The nibbler is a great sheet metal tool, but I think what you did looks great even with the rotary tool.

Thanks for the correction on the nibbler. It's been a long time.
Living in a condo makes doing projects like this difficult. I kept expecting the condo commandos to come get me while I was on the back porch cutting away!

Mikshaw, the idea of putting one in a character lunch box was exactly what got me started in this direction. My niece would love a "Hello Kitty" puter.

Posted by torp on Jan. 21 2006,03:15
That's kick ass doobit. Makes me think about getting on to put some old laptop guts in and make the baddest lunch-top around.


Posted by clivesay on Jan. 21 2006,13:53
Very nice job!

If you had a steady enough hand or someone who could do it for you, maybe cut slits in the raised 'ridges' I see in the pics for more ventilation if you need it. They kinda have the look of a vent anyway.

A nice clean project, Great work!

Posted by doobit on Jan. 23 2006,03:36
I'll probably just drill a few more small holes near the heat-sink end of the box. If I cut slots in the lid that might ruin the interity of it. One other thing I noticed was that it's best to use lower speeds on the rotary tool with this light sheet metal.
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