EPIA N10000 Nano-ITX board

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Topic: EPIA N10000 Nano-ITX board
started by: hs7sv

Posted by hs7sv on Feb. 18 2006,07:47
This is review of < VIA's 12cm x 12cm 1GHz EPIA N10000 Nano-ITX board >.
Posted by doobit on Feb. 20 2006,16:57
Have you gotten your hands on one yet? IT looks like it's almost all heat sink in the photo. Man I'd love to have one to play with. I wonder if VIA is giving out samples. :p
Posted by hs7sv on Feb. 21 2006,01:58
not yet. I'm waiting for it. :(
Posted by hs7sv on Feb. 24 2006,01:25
< Nano-ITX Boards arrive 1st March! > :D
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