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started by: green

Posted by green on Feb. 25 2006,01:16
This is not mine. It is something I just ran across on the 'net.

< http://isnoop.net/blog/?p=12 >

For the past few months, Iíve been working on a web radio boombox. Iíve hollowed out a perfectly good radio and made room for a tiny motherboard and power supply that are set up to run Damn Small Linux off of a USB flash drive. There is a wireless card inside, and the box is configured to sniff out wireless networks and automatically start streaming web radio on any friendly Wi-fi network.

Posted by AwPhuch on Feb. 25 2006,11:03
Hmmm...I wonder how that would work...

Does he mean it would use the wifi connections to pull streaming audio...or push audio into thier networks??


Posted by doobit on Feb. 25 2006,14:34
I think he means pull streaming audio from the network, like opening xmms on an mp3 stream.
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