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Topic: AjaxWrite
started by: MethodOne

Posted by MethodOne on Mar. 24 2006,00:15
It looks and feels like a standard word processor.  You can use it on any platform with just a browser.  It even works in DSL!  Too bad it only works with Firefox.

Click < here > for a screenshot of a document from my Linux class loaded in AjaxWrite in DSL.

Here's the link to the site:
< http://www.ajaxwrite.com >

Edit:  There's some bugs that the site needs to work out in order for it to be usable.

Posted by dslfool on Mar. 24 2006,22:23
Dang, MethodOne, you beat me to it - I just tried AjaxWrite today for the first time. I see it's shown as version 0.9, and there's definitely some work to be done. In particular, saving to PDF isn't working for me (I get the error "java.io.IOException: Conversion failed."), and the default font is shown as Arial 8pt, but the screen font sure looks like Times New Roman.

Intriguing possibilities, though. So far it's opened some moderately complex Word documents without messing up the formatting. I hope it gets better.

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