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started by: newOldUser

Posted by newOldUser on Mar. 24 2006,17:49
The  < IBM Linux website > has a lot of very good Linux reference articles. Check out their LPI certification series, very informative.

They now have mention of DSL with this short review. < Small distro ... big punch >

Posted by roberts on Mar. 24 2006,22:06
Thanks for sharing.
The big guys are noticing our little distro.

Posted by pr0f3550r on Mar. 25 2006,12:50
Excellent article
<!-- better than the official documentation, eh eh -->

I expect an IBM-funded 'DSL Enterprise 2007' :-)

Posted by 300c_pilot on Mar. 26 2006,03:26
DSL is mentioned in the Linux Toys II book, not sure who wrote it.

Posted by janrocks on Mar. 26 2006,03:36
Solid article

I always liked IBM..(after they posted the specs of the xbox360 cpu on the front of the site I fell in love with 'em!) :D

I use XDSL on my xbox and I can't wait for an excuse to buy a 360..(Hmmmm triple core PPC processor)

Posted by pr0f3550r on Mar. 26 2006,10:14
Linux Toys II
by Chris Negus
published Wiley
ISBN 0-7645-7995-9

That's where I discovered DSL.

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