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started by: WDef

Posted by WDef on Nov. 29 2007,00:38
Now this is cool.

To my amazement, < http://wua.la/en/home.html > runs on DSL if you install the JavaRE uci.  I also had gtk2 installed at the time.

It uploads data quite fast.  For once, a free online storage solution that actually appears to work.

Needed to point it at the java in ~/.wualarc

Code Sample

Posted by jpeters on Nov. 29 2007,07:20
I'm not sure why you like it so much.  You can get a free gig other places without p2p (e.g., < http://www.elephantdrive.com/help/pricing_structure.aspx) >

Getting more means trading 10gigs on your drive (which needs to be connected 15% of the time) to get 7gigs on someone elses computer.  I don't like anything about it.

For a little money, say $7/month, you can get about 300 gigs, lightning fast up/down loads, along with a zillion other services (ftp, email, web monitoring software, etc., etc., etc.). (e.g., < http://www.inmotionhosting.com/hostingplans.html > )   I'll admit I'm also a little paranoid about the security issue. (unless, of course, it's for some useful purpose like tracking aliens)

Posted by clivesay on Nov. 29 2007,15:22
There is also a firefox extension for using your gmail account for storage. My gmail account is over 5gig.


Posted by WDef on Nov. 30 2007,11:16
Mainly I find the technology and data distribution strategy interesting  - it's true "cloud" storage - your data isn't in any one place at all, and in theory is infinitely scalable.  This type of thing has been used before for anonymity type "darknets", but these apparently are slow because of all the proxying that goes on.

Where I am, I get terrible uploads speeds  Eg, Amazon S3 is useless.  But this worked.Could be misleading though, because they are "bootstrapping" their service by providing that first free gig on their servers.  Remains to be seen how well it works when the cloud kicks in.

Posted by bravo-uniform-golf on June 04 2010,18:54

I have an error while starting wuala

(Wuala:4200):Pango-WARNING **: No builting or dynamically loaded modules were found.

(Wuala4200): Glib-GObject-CRITICAL**:g_object_ref: assertion ~G_IS_OBJECT~ Failed

./wuala: line25: 4200 Aborted.

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