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started by: Blurg

Posted by Blurg on Aug. 16 2005,21:44
Read from the summary from < Linux World > about the Realm Systems BlackDog USB server, witch features a 400 MHz Power PC processor, 64MB of RAM, biometric security and either 256MB or 512MB onboard storage.
Realy Slick gadget!

But maby even cooler is the fact that they offer a sponsoring contest with a "Grand prize" up to 500k
< >

Maby the DSL project could rat up a team to do app porting on this device?
maby even porting DSL to it...

Posted by John on Aug. 17 2005,08:33
I saw BD first hand.  If I was fallowing the demonstration correctly it uses XP as an X server.  I guess you could call that a third approach to booting with USB, after running inside an emulator and booting using the native hardware.

Out of the three ways I think direct native booting has the most potential for privacy and running speed.  Interesting technology though, using Power PC...

Re: BD the company, wow, they really had the presentation going on, complete with booming mics and a mechanical bull -- it was a very big production.

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